Your Business Reputation and/or Production Efficiency

An employee’s detrimental behavior can have a lasting pernicious effect on your business’ reputation and/or production efficiency.

Employee Misconduct may include some of the following:

  • Purposely deleting, altering, or attempting to hide important documents and information.
  • Consistently late to work and/or meetings.
  • Intentionally destroying company hardware and property.
  • Brokering corporate confidential information to rival companies.
  • Publishing confidential information publicly.
  • Harassing co-workers through messages such as text, email, voicemail, company team collaboration software or employee’s personal computer or cell phone from home.
  • Gaming on company time and hardware.
  • Viewing pornographic material on company time and equipment.
  • Present or former employee slandering the reputation of the company.

If your company has fired or is thinking of firing an employee, then you need to have a digital forensics investigation performed. These investigations can save companies millions of dollars and make sure the company’s reputation is intact and is not soiled by a frivolous lawsuit from an employee that was terminated legitimately.

Give the professionals at Forensic Discovery a call and discuss your eDiscovery and/or Digital Forensic needs today.

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