Employee Misconduct Investigation

What is employee misconduct?

Employee misconduct in the workplace broadly refers to the violation of employee policy. It can take many forms such as:

  • Purposely destroying company property

  • Constantly and consistently running late to work commitments

  • Intellectual property theft

  • Creating a hostile work environment

  • Sabotaging another employee

  • Harrassing co-workers digitally or in the workplace

  • Accessing non-work related material on company property and company time

  • Viewing pornographic material on company property and company time

  • Present or former employee slandering the reputation of the company publicly

  • Sexual harrassment

With new advancements in the workplace, technologically or socially, sexual
harassment, hostile work environment, and employee sabotage have become a
growing and very real threat in the US. Every year, sexual harassment, employee
sabotage, and sabotage costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year and
hundreds if not thousands of jobs.

What should I do if I suspect employee misconduct has occured?

If suspicision of employee misconduct arises, it is important to engage a digital
forensics expert
to perform an investigation to uncover pertinent evidence as
soon as possible.

To ensure that the maximum amount of data can be successfully retrieved from
the device by our computer forensic expert, there are a few steps you should
take as soon as you have terminated an employee to prevent the contamination
of any data.

  • Disconnect the device from the network to prevent remote access to the device and leave the device in the power state you found it in. For example, if the computer is on, leave it on.

  • Ensure that the employee's login credentials are disabled or have been changed, but do not reassign the device to another employee as this may irreparably destroy digital data.

  • If the employee also has a cellular device, place it on Airplane mode and store it in a secure location.

How can digital forensics help?

Digital forensics investigators can use specific and specialized software to reveal digital evidence and timeline that will allow you to uncover the truth as a
part of digital forensic analysis.

Types of electronic evidence that we analyse include, but are not limited to:

  • USB flash drives

  • USB hard drives

  • SD cards

  • Mobile devices with cameras

  • Recently accessed files

  • Cloud storage such as Google Drive

  • Emails with or without attached documents

  • Internet search activity

  • Recently printed documents

These may all seem relatively innocuous, but with a computer forensics expert,
they can become the building blocks for your case for legal action.

Before your company fires an employee, or if you’ve already fired them, you
need an expert eDiscovery investigative firm. Preemptive eDiscovery
investigations can save your company millions of dollars and ensure your
reputation is not soiled by frivolous lawsuits.

Here at Forensic Discovery, we will be with you every step of the way. From
evidence collection to expert witness reports, our services don’t just stop at our

digital forensis solutions. Click here to get in touch with us to see how we can
help your case.

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