Dependable Computer Forensics Services

Forensic Discovery assists in nearly all aspects of computer forensics for attorneys and corporations. We have the tools and expertise to help clients and their IT teams properly execute a “duty to preserve” requirement. Our team can then provide forensic data collections on a wide variety of devices and platforms. We have made significant investments in our collection tools to provide the best computer forensics services and capabilities for our clients.

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Benefits of Computer Forensics Services for Attorneys

As an attorney, there are many advantages of utilizing our computer forensics services. First, the use of social media is more apparent than ever. The use of social media can affect many aspects of family law, such as alimony and child custody following a divorce, or even personal injury claims. An attorney may use social media evidence to disprove a claim made by an individual. Secondly, smartphones and other newer pieces of technology can be holding a wealth of information an attorney needs, and computer forensic specialists have the knowledge to crack the code. Third, encrypted data and information may need to be uncovered for legal purposes, and we have the experience to assist you. There are many other aspects to explore, but these are some of the most applicable aspects of our computer forensics services for attorneys.

Data Preservation

A critical first step, we ensure that data is not inadvertently deleted or destroyed to maintain and ensure integrity of the data.

Data Collection

Targeted data sources are collected, preserved, and imaged to be used in analysis or possibly for evidence.

Forensic Analysis

Collected data is indexed for analysis using our state-of-the-art tools. Ask us about our flat-rate analysis pricing and triage packages.

Findings Report

Findings can be shared with you online and through written communication. If requested, an affidavit or report can be provided.

Expert Testimony

Expert witness testimony is one of our top specialties. The Forensic Discovery team is happy to testify at your client’s deposition or trial.

Clients We Work With

Special thanks to our terrific clients.


“We hired Forensic Discovery after several negative experiences with the larger shops in town. We immediately saw a difference in not only the quality of work, but the responsiveness to our calls and emails, and the constant communication on costs. Experts are often exceedingly expensive, but there were absolutely no surprises on the bills here. Every hour spent by FD had a purpose, and there was no unnecessary work done or time wasted. We have recommended them to numerous fellow attorneys and plan to hire them again when the need arises.”

Niki S. – Denver, CO