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Our sales company worked with Forensic Discovery in a federal and state court dispute. They came recommended by outside counsel and did a great job, on time, at a competitive price. They were also courteous and had a collaborative attitude. I recommend them.
Mark Crosby Avatar
Mark Crosby
"My company used Forensic Discovery to assist with an internal investigation matter. I was impressed with their level of professionalism and ability to quickly find important evidence and provide the evidence. I'd recommend Forensic Discovery to any corporation that needs help with a digital forensics investigation."
Bill Masino Avatar
Bill Masino
Trent and team provided comfort to my family law client who needed help uncovering a web of the X's tracking, harassment, and invasion of privacy. Untangling the lies and deception would have been impossible without their layers of investigation and creative thinking. Not only did they help answer my client's questions and curiosities, they provided the foundation for a strong case that lead to settlement. Thank you!
Carrie Eckstein Avatar
Carrie Eckstein