eDiscovery Assessment and Hosted Review

Once potentially relevant evidence has been identified for review, Forensic Discovery will export the data into a processed compatible format for your firm’s or vendor’s document review platform.

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Data Overview

Using a web browser get a handle of all the data.

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Advanced Analytics

Filter related data in or out based on relationships and likeness.

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Keyword Searching

Establish search terms early by viewing hit counts and preview keywords within documents.

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Export for Review

Export identified data to a wide variety of document review platforms.

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Web Browser Based Control

Visual Data Metrics

Take the 10,000 foot overview before diving in. Drill down into your data by document types, time frames, custodians, data sources and more.

Custodian Data Plots

Do you have all the data? Who was employed when? Study the custodian data metrics to better understand what the data looks like before document review.

Email and Document Advanced Analytics

Email Canvas Analytics

Take a look at the relationships of all the data.

Visual Email Threads

Find Near Duplicates

Keyword Report Insights

Detailed Excel Hit Reports

Keep costs reasonable by being able to project document counts, attorney review time and processing costs. Use the resulting data for 26(f) Meet and Confers, and have a strong basis for being able to challenge broad document discovery requests.

Preview Search Hits

Document Redaction

After identifying sensitive documents using advanced search analytics start redacting documents to ensure their confidential information doesn’t get inadvertently disclosed.

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