Try eDiscovery Hosted Review with Artificial Intelligence

  • Self-Service Upload

  • Review of Native and Images

  • Email Threading & Thread Suppression
  • Near-Duplicate Identification

  • Foreign Language Translation

  • Document Redaction

  • Document Production

  • Predictive Coding

  • Focused Learning

  • Concept Searching

  • Data Visualization

  • Behavior Intelligence

  • Transcription of Audio to Video

  • Object Recognition in Images

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Hosted Review via Reveal

Our hosted review platform is the most comprehensive document review platform with the flexibility and scale to manage any legal matter regardless of size and scope.

With so many options available to accelerate and prioritize review, you need a review tool that seamlessly provides search, filtering, and document organization features that enable you to efficiently manage the entire process from batching to production.

Accelerated Efficiency

Review large amounts of data accurately and efficiently with the intuitive user interface. Dramatically reduce project startup time with easy to use case templates that include default project settings to accommodate your case needs.

Minimize keystrokes and shorten the UI learning curve with the industry’s best user experience. Easily eliminate low value data so you can maximize your review resources.

Foreign Language Ready

Detects and translates 160 different business languages including the identification of up to three languages per document.

Our platform offers the flexibility for you to change the language within the review interface so you can review documents in your native language.

Image Recognition & Labeling

Our modern image detection technology leverages machine learning to automatically identify and apply descriptive labels to images. These descriptions can easily be used to facilitate image search and filter eliminating the time consuming process of manually reviewing every image.

With Image Labeling, you can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with the image review process.

Audio & Video Transcription

Our review platform gives you the ability to automatically transcribe audio and video files into searchable text enabling your review team to easily search these traditionally problematic file types.

You can rapidly identify potentially high-value content while significantly reducing the manual effort associated with media file review.

The transcription feature can also enable you to effortlessly follow synchronized text while watching or listening to depositions.

Artificial Intelligence

Authentic AI is much more than just text analytics. The integrated NexLP AI leverages predictive coding, combined with next-generation Natural Language Processing, cognitive analytics and dataless classification to turn disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insight that can save time, money, and unnecessary risk. For more information on AI, read our resources here:

With Reveal being the leader in legal and compliance AI, we’re able to deliver breakthrough tools and technologies that use adaptive AI, behavioral analysis and AI Model Libraries to focus on the context around the data, not just what the words are saying.

  • Use pre-trained AI models from the AI Model Library
  • Train or run multiple AI models at the same time
  • Detect communication anomalies and patterns
  • Identify positive or negative tone with sentiment analysis

Linguistic Intelligence

By leveraging natural language processing – the same technology Apple uses with Siri, and Amazon with Alexa – you can rapidly explore and uncover hidden connections between people, places, and things.

Emotional Intelligence

Automatically recognizes discussions around positive or negative events within your content. Communications are assigned a sentiment score which can be used to prioritize “hotspots” of evidence. This feature is also used to detect fraudulent type behavior within organizations to help reduce compliance risk.

Behavioral Intelligence

Seamlessly creates stories and events from your data using the combined power of linguistic intelligence, content classification, and emotional intelligence by analyzing patterns and making meaningful connections.

Automatically detects anomalies or exceptions that occur within the data and presents them to you for relevance analysis.

Active Learning

Multiple modes of supervised machine learning that continuously evolve based on human coding decisions.

Each decision made by the subject matter expert is automatically incorporated into the training process to improve the effectiveness of the model and present the most relevant documents to the user.

Visual Analytics

Our system translates complex data into intuitive, easy-to-understand interactive data visualizations, enabling your team to see patterns and relationships quickly.

Meta Dashboard

This flexible graphic interface gives you an at-a-glance view of key search terms – and makes it easy to dig deeper. Point and click to see how term usage has varied over time, or use our term heat map to easily grasp connections between terms. You can zero in on relevant data about specific people, places and things with a filter on extracted entities, and customize your search to focus on individual people or domains.

Cluster Wheel

This interactive clustering visualization allows you to quickly explore topics of interest regardless of data size. Zoom in on topics of interest and easily isolate the signal from the noise in your data.

Communication Analysis

Your organization can quickly gain insight into communication patterns within the data, by mapping out who’s communicating with whom about topics that are important to you.

Communications analysis displays complete networks of communication and can be easily adapted to explore facets and interactive timelines. Users can quickly identify persons of interest and explore related people and conversations. Organizations can also gain insight into social media chatter and trending topics through this tool.

Transparent Concept Search

Sometimes the most relevant data isn’t exactly what you think it will be.

Transparent concept search lets you start with a phrase, a paragraph, or even entire document, then expand your search automatically to reveal related concepts. Often this tool can uncover key concepts that your organization wasn’t previously tracking.