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Forensic Discovery Google Reviews

I reached out to Forensic Discovery after finding them from a Google search. They took a look at a Nest surveillance video I wanted to be enhanced. While this is something they do, they followed back up lettting me know they felt the video isn't of quality to get any personally identifying images of the individual. There was no charge for the service. I'm appreciative of their integrity.

Jeffrey Flaugher Avatar
Jeffrey Flaugher

This company does a great job. Their professional, prompt, experience, knowledgeable, friendly, and skillful. When it comes to the discovery and litigation support, Forensic Discovery is as good as it gets.

Will Cooper Avatar
Will Cooper

My firm has used Forensic Discovery on several complex eDiscovery projects over the past year. Trent and his team at FD have provided exceptional service for our clients and their knowledge of best practices ensures that our process is defensible. Their pricing meets expectations, and I recommend FD for any attorney or corporation that has a complicated eDiscovery matter.

Zachary Lange Avatar
Zachary Lange