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Trent and his team are very conscientious about projects and realistic what will be needed to complete it. Unlike many companies, they really do care about the client. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a company for forensics.
Dan Eisele Avatar
Dan Eisele
I found the people both intelligent in subject matter and personable - something that cannot be said about many cyber firms.
Jim Mathieu Avatar
Jim Mathieu
This company does fantastic work! They performed an expert forensic analysis on my client's machine. We needed to find all potential versions of a document and then extract out all the associated metadata to prove authorship and authenticity, and that the document had not been modified. There were also key events that happened across the computer that confirmed the date that a document was created. Their expert report was organized, clear, and professional. The findings were crucial to the the outcome of my case in my client's favor. I HIGHLY this company to any attorney or corporation in need of a forensics analysis triage for a computer.
Elizabeth Savage Avatar
Elizabeth Savage