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I worked with the Forensic Discovery team recently on a complicated digital forensics investigation involving cloud data. I found their digital forensics investigative expertise to be among the best I ever worked with. Their invoice was as expected and in line with the estimate. They are a terrific resource for any attorney or corporation that needs assistance with an internal investigation.
Colin Walker Avatar
Colin Walker
Trent Walton of Forensic Discovery recently presented a webinar to one of the attorney groups I am part of, and his presentation was clear, highly informative, and very well received by the dozens of attendees. I have seen his work first-hand and he is terrific. I would not hesitate to hire him again and encourage anyone needing ESI services, or anyone looking to developing an ESI plan for discovery or dealing with discovery abuses from opposing parties, to give him a call. He's easy to work with and is able to explain high level computer concepts in an understandable way. Thanks, Trent - we very much appreciated your presentation.
Anne Dieruf Avatar
Anne Dieruf
My law firm is located in Longmont. Forensic Discovery did a terrific job collecting data from several iPhones and a MacBook. One iPhone had a cracked screen and wasn't usable. This company quickly replaced the screen on the iPhone and was able to forensically extract the data from it. It was obvious the team there has extensive experience in dealing with complicated digital forensics and eDiscovery matters. Their billing was exactly as expected with no surprises. We look forward to using them again for our digital forensic investigations and eDiscovery needs in the future.
Ted Finn Avatar
Ted Finn