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Forensic Discovery Google Reviews

Trent was great to work with and very professional. He was able to help me and service was completed very quickly.
Maggie Hawkins Avatar
Maggie Hawkins
Trent and team provided comfort to my family law client who needed help uncovering a web of the X's tracking, harassment, and invasion of privacy. Untangling the lies and deception would have been impossible without their layers of investigation and creative thinking. Not only did they help answer my client's questions and curiosities, they provided the foundation for a strong case that lead to settlement. Thank you!
Carrie Eckstein Avatar
Carrie Eckstein
There is nothing the Forensic Discovery team can't do. My firm had Trent and his team perform an expert analysis in a complicated matter and their findings completely turned liability around in my client's favor. I found their estimates accurate and costs reasonable, but the important thing is that their work is superior. You will be impressed with Forensic Discovery's level of expertise
Jonathan Edin Avatar
Jonathan Edin