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"I worked with Matt regarding a potential security issue on my accounts. He helped to review the accounts to determine they had not been compromised and pointed out security settings could be improved upon. He was very professional and fun to work with. I now feel much safer online." I never felt inadequate or in any way like I was asking too many questions, Matt was AWESOME! Trent had written up the contract it had all of the accounts in it it was just detailed beyond belief which really surprised and made me feel safer retaining his company! The moment I met Trent I did not hesitate to hire him, no matter what the cost! I would definitely recommend Trent and Matt, the company is Quality Grade, an Absolute Gem, Great price, and unbelievable customer service!
Juli Labesky Avatar
Juli Labesky
Trent was awesome. Was able to give me good advice and recommendations on how to best proceed with my predicament.Thanks, Trent!
Fervor Avatar
I reached out to Forensic Discovery regarding a potential Estate issue we had. They were very gracious with their time and effort to find some crucial information. They also put us in touch with a great attorney. Thank you so much!
Simona Campos Avatar
Simona Campos