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Technical Forensic Discovery

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    Have total control with the ability to search and filter your own data. Determine the search terms relevant to you and decide what needs to go into your review platform.

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    Project the Costs

    We are passionate about having a service that fits into your budget. We save you money by having a defensible process for predicting costs for discovery and challenging broad requests.

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    Seamless Handoff

    Even if you have your own review software in-house such as Eclipse, some software products struggle to ingest large data volumes. We provide load ready files of identified data.

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    We can be a repository of data throughout the life of the case. As issues and new claims come up, it is stored with the original data set collected and you can access only what may be needed.

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Early Case Assessment with NUIX

Since our your early case assessment data is archived within our platform you can come back to the data to perform additional searching and supplement discovery. Exported data can go to a wide variety of review platforms such as Relativity, Eclipse, Summation, Concordance, iConnect and Ringtail.

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Forensic Discovery has developed a reliable workflow to allow our clients to analyze collected data using an early case assessment hosted review platform, NUIX. This platform is used to archive, cull data, project costs, prepare for 26(f)/meet and confers, process and export data to a document review platform. NUIX can be utilized to filter collected data using search terms and targeting techniques, thereby reducing the amount of data for review and storage. Once filtered according to a client’s case requirements, the identified records can be extracted for import into a review platform to avoid the typically high cost of data hosting.

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“I have known the team at Forensic Discovery for years. They have worked on countless projects for my clients. From my experience they are the best in the country. I’d highly recommend them for any computer forensic or large scale discovery work. Their NUIX platform for early case assessment is terrific.”

Ryan S. – San Francisco, CA

How Forensic Discovery Adds Value

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    Forensics to Discovery Hand-Off

    Providing data to law firms in a usable format is a typical struggle for computer forensic service providers. Given our career experience working internal at law firms and developing litigation support software solutions, Forensic Discovery has developed a proprietary method for delivering collected and filtered data to software ecosystems. Data can be exported in a processed form to cooperate with a document review system or with a hosted review provider, such as Relativity, Eclipse, Summation, Concordance, iConnect and Ringtail.

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    Projecting Costs

    eDiscovery related costs can escalate quickly, surprising law firms and their clients and often derailing litigations. Costs may include data collection, data analysis, data processing, hosted review and attorney review time. Forensic Discovery has in-depth experience and proprietary methods for projecting all costs accurately and early. Our detailed and exact cost projections have dictated rulings in multiple state and federal courts, saving our clients millions of dollars.