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1. Wes and Trent are great! My firm has used Forensic Discovery on several occasions. I feel their knowledge of mobile forensics is the best in the industry. They were able to remotely collect data from several mobile phones and extract out the evidence we needed in a friendly format for discovery. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable resource in the area of digital forensics.
Roxie Leff Avatar
Roxie Leff
Forensic Discovery conducted a triage analysis of my client's Android phone. They drafted an expert report of their findings and provided testimony in a deposition. I was very impressed with Trent's expert testimony, it was one of the best depositions i had a pleasure of being part of. Trent was able to explain in plain english what the procedure includes and took time to address my client's privacy concerns. I highly recommend using this company for any phone analysis or expert testimony. Needless to say, i would definitely be using the company for all of my future needs.
Anna Yermakova Avatar
Anna Yermakova
My law firm is located in Longmont. Forensic Discovery did a terrific job collecting data from several iPhones and a MacBook. One iPhone had a cracked screen and wasn't usable. This company quickly replaced the screen on the iPhone and was able to forensically extract the data from it. It was obvious the team there has extensive experience in dealing with complicated digital forensics and eDiscovery matters. Their billing was exactly as expected with no surprises. We look forward to using them again for our digital forensic investigations and eDiscovery needs in the future.
Ted Finn Avatar
Ted Finn