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Forensic Discovery Google Reviews

I'm an attorney at a private firm who does complex commercial litigation. I had a fantastic experience with Forensic Discovery in a complicated litigation matter. They were able to assist us with every aspect of the eDiscovery from early case assessment all the way through hosted review. My client was a large entity with a lot of staff and bureaucracy. As a result, there were many issues to work through. They (and I) were really happy with how professional and easy Forensic Discovery was to work with. I will definitely choose Forensic Discovery for my next eDiscovery matter.
Eric Hall Avatar
Eric Hall
My law firm is located in Longmont. Forensic Discovery did a terrific job collecting data from several iPhones and a MacBook. One iPhone had a cracked screen and wasn't usable. This company quickly replaced the screen on the iPhone and was able to forensically extract the data from it. It was obvious the team there has extensive experience in dealing with complicated digital forensics and eDiscovery matters. Their billing was exactly as expected with no surprises. We look forward to using them again for our digital forensic investigations and eDiscovery needs in the future.
Ted Finn Avatar
Ted Finn
My law firm engaged Forensic Discovery on short notice and couldn't be happier with their responsiveness and their professionalism. Trent and his team jumped on a last minute issue that popped up in our trial and our success in that case was in no small part due to their work.
Chris Young Avatar
Chris Young