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Forensic Discovery Google Reviews

I have known the team at Forensic Discovery for years. They have worked on countless projects for my clients. From my experience they are the best in the country. I’d highly recommend them for any computer forensic or large scale discovery work. Their NUIX platform for early case assessment is terrific.
Ryan Siegel Avatar
Ryan Siegel
I worked with Forensic Discovery on an employment law related matter. They were able to successfully recover emails that were deleted from Outlook on a Windows computer. I found their expertise in email forensics and eDiscovery is the best I've worked with. The suggestions they had for how to tackle the internal investigation saved our client considerable money. I highly recommend this team!
Kelley Duke Avatar
Kelley Duke
Our client had a complicated digital forensics matter that required the collection and data extraction from data center servers. Forensic Discovery has been a terrific resource and worked great with our legal team to plan and explain the process. I highly recommend Forensic Discovery for their level of expertise and great communication skills. There were no physical limitation issues even though our legal practice is located across the country from Forensic Discovery. The entire team was prompt, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to working with the Forensic Discovery team again, and I cannot recommend them enough
Rett Hixson Avatar
Rett Hixson