Mobile Compromise Assessment

Has your mobile device been hacked?
Are your current settings exposing you to data theft?
Is your network traffic being eavesdropped on?

Forensic Discovery’s new Mobile Compromise Assessment can provide you with a definitive answer to these questions.

We understand the value of your mobile device in today’s interconnected world. So much so that we allow you to keep your device during the assessment process- no need to send it in! Should your device be determined at risk, we will provide you with actionable recommendations to remove the threat or reduce any critical exposures.

Flat-Rate Expert Services

  • Phone Assessment (Android 8.0+ only at this time)
  • Expert Analysis
  • Documented Findings

Convenient Remote Analysis

  • Anywhere in US
  • No Travel or On-site Fees
  • Quick Turnaround

Areas of Assessment Focus

  • Analyze App behavior and network traffic that may indicate resident malware, insider activity or data exposure.

  • Detect configuration vulnerabilities and other settings that may put your device at risk

  • Threat Intelligence integration automatically detects bad apps, hashes, domains and IPs

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