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Computer Forensics – Forensic Analysis and Findings Report

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Once the data for a case has been collected, Forensic Discovery offers you a number of options to perform a forensic analysis. Our team has wide expertise in analyzing electronic evidence and can provide triage packages at a flat rate to determine various suspected infractions. Our experts will then use the findings to draft affidavits, expert reports and expert testimony.

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Analysis Examples

  • IP Theft
  • Personal Injury ClaimsSocial Media & Background investigation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Data Destruction

Findings Report

Findings can be shared with you online and through written communication. If requested, an affidavit or report can be provided. Upon the conclusion of the initial data analysis, we use our platform, NUIX, to provide you access to the information in a easy-to-use way. This tool provides you with a dashboard overview, as well as drill down capabilities to allow for advanced analysis and keyword search. We also continue to update the data as additional information is found. In order to provide ease and consistency for you, the information can also be exported to a variety of platforms including Relativity, Concordance, DocuMatrix, and more.

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