Data Preservation and Collection

Data Preservation

Preservation can be tricky to navigate in this ever-changing digital landscape. Data discovery often spans across multiple platforms — an important aspect to understand because it is the critical first step in a case. Implementing proper preservation techniques when dealing with the extensive number of devices and cloud storage solutions used in business operations is crucial.

Forensic Discovery works with its clients and their IT teams to help identify the scope of data to be preserved, while employing defensible techniques and tools to insure the integrity of the data. Our team also helps oversee and document the process. We aid our clients in meeting their “duty to preserve” by verifying that no potentially relevant data are inadvertently destroyed or altered.

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Data Collection

Proper data collection builds the solid foundation for evidence to be used in discovery. The integrity of the data must be preserved, the data must be in a usable format, and — most importantly — can possibly be admitted as evidence. Whether evidence resides on a computer, mobile device or in the cloud, Forensic Discovery uses best practices to ensure that the data collected passes any potential admissibility challenges by opposing counsel. Forensic Discovery prides itself in presenting data in the most practical format for review purposes.

Common Digital Collection Sources

Windows OS

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 98

Apple iOS

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
Mobile Devices





Other Platforms

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