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Excalibur Private Investigation
R. Lee Walters

13395 Voyager Parkway
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More About Excalibur Private Investigation

While Forensic Discovery is a Private Investigation company we typically
focus on the electronic data aspect of investigations such as digital forensics services, computer forensic investigation, or ediscovery review. If you have a need for any other type of invesetigative services we highly recommend Excalibur Private Investigation.

Excalibur Private Investigation is a veteran owned, full-service, licensed, insured and bonded private investigation and legal support firm headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado bringing over thirty years of federal law enforcement and private investigation experience to private individuals, law firms, general counsel, insurance companies and financial institutions. All engagements are handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

In times of uncertainty, such as those we are facing today, it may not be a good idea to move forward without having all the facts at your disposal. Whether making a legal, business or personal decision, it’s necessary to eliminate as many of the unknowns as you can. The result of proceeding without having all of the information out there at your disposal can be devastating, both financially and personally.

Excalibur Private Investigation handles:

  • Infidelity investigations

  • Due diligence

  • Online dating backgrounds

  • Attorney support services

  • Surveillance

  • Child custody matters

  • Missing persons investigations

  • Financial fraud investigations

  • Domestic violence investigations

  • Insurance fraud

Computer Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Technical eDiscovery

eDiscovery Review

Expert Testimony