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Forensic Discovery Google Reviews

No matter where you are in the country Forensic Discovery is the company to use. My clients have been happy extremely happy with their work. Always responsive and reliable!

Geoff Cohen Avatar
Geoff Cohen

I have extensive working experience with Trent Walton at Forensic Discovery over the past 30+ years in my role as lead paralegal in complex litigation cases. He and his team are simply the best when it comes to knowledge of eDiscovery and digital forensics. In my opinion, Forensic Discovery is the go-to for any attorney or paralegal that needs a great resource for smart phone, computer and/or email collections (MS365, GMAIL, Google Apps, G Suite, Google Workspace, IMAP). After collection, they can load the data into their online review platform for relevancy review. The resulting data can be converted to load files and endorsed with Bates numbers for production, or integrated into a law firm's own eDiscovery platform for production. Not only are they experts on how to perform a proper forensic collection, their documentation of the process is beyond reproach, and they can provide expert testimony in the event of a challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Trent and his team for any eDiscovery engagement.

Mitzi Mortensen Avatar
Mitzi Mortensen

Forensic examination superstars! I have had the pleasure to work with the Forensic Discovery team to perform data collections and forensic analysis on data. They were very responsive and I thought they did a great job tailoring their analysis for the specific needs of my case. I don't think any other forensic team in Colorado could have come up with the findings they did, and I have worked with other forensic vendors in the past. Billing was extremely fair, and they did a great job communicating different options and potential costs. I'd recommend giving them an opportunity to assist with your next matter.

Sterling LeBoeuf Avatar
Sterling LeBoeuf