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1. Wes and Trent are great! My firm has used Forensic Discovery on several occasions. I feel their knowledge of mobile forensics is the best in the industry. They were able to remotely collect data from several mobile phones and extract out the evidence we needed in a friendly format for discovery. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable resource in the area of digital forensics.

Roxie Leff Avatar
Roxie Leff

If you are looking for litigation support in this area in or outside Florida you will be hard pressed to find anyone better than Trent and his colleagues. Timely, diligent, resourceful, creative and with an intrinsic understanding of litigation and the discovery process. They truly take the time to understand the attorney's and client's unique needs in each case and to educate as to what is truly needed and maybe not immediately understood. Highly recommend.

Jon Oden Avatar
Jon Oden

My law firm has used Forensic Discovery on several matters. Their expertise in iPhone mobile forensics, iCloud forensics, and eDiscovery is by far the best I've experienced in my career. Having the option to collect data remotely from my clients with today's COVID social distancing restrictions is essential. If you are a practicing attorney and need mobile phone or eDiscovery expertise I highly recommend the team at Forensic Discovery.

Jill Jackson Avatar
Jill Jackson