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The team of guys / gals, from the Cyber Forensic, to the Legal Investigator, to the Legal attorney.....was awesome! They really knew their stuff and were able to provide information to a critical situation our company was put into. They also provided good solutions and alternatives to move forward with our investigation. Highly recommend them and their team!
Relion Restoration Avatar
Relion Restoration
I reached out to Forensic Discovery regarding a potential Estate issue we had. They were very gracious with their time and effort to find some crucial information. They also put us in touch with a great attorney. Thank you so much!
Simona Campos Avatar
Simona Campos
My firm has used Trent from Forensic Discovery to perform various expert opinions on some of our more complicated discovery matters. His expertise in the area of Forensics and Discovery is the best in the industry. I'd recommend using him and his team when possible.
Lindsey Berg Avatar
Lindsey Berg